If you have been using a razor to remove unwanted hair from your body, you know what the cons are. Razors can leave your legs, arms and other parts of your body with nicks and cuts. Razor bumps can also be a problem, because hair begins growing back almost as soon as it’s shaved. There are several reasons why you should consider wax hair removal as an alternative to shaving.

Benefits of Wax Hair Removal

Waxing can remove unwanted hair from your body on a much deeper level. While shaving with a razor removes hair on the surface of the skin, waxing removes hair by the root itself. This means it takes much longer to grow back. Pressing down harder with a razor will never achieve this.

If you use wax for hair removal regularly on the same area or areas of your body, you can increase the time it takes for the hair to grow back. This can mean weeks, even months, of smooth and silky legs. This applies to every area of the body that wax hair removal can be performed on. Both men and women can benefit from hair wax removal on various parts of the body.

Wax Hair Removal Process

Wax hair removal is suitable for practically any part of the body. The most common areas include the legs, arms, face, armpits and the bikini area. If you choose us to perform your wax hair removal, please let your hair grow out for a few weeks before your appointment. This is because the hair needs to be long enough for the wax to cover it. The better the grab, the more efficiently the hair will be removed once the wax is pulled.

One of our beauticians will begin the procedure by carefully cleaning the area of the body to be waxed. Then, the sticky wax will be applied. Cloth strips will then be placed on top of the wax and gently pressed down so the absorb the wax. Once the wax has dried, the strips will then be pulled off quickly. The fast removal of the cloth strips will pull the hair out by the roots.

More treatments can be performed as many times as necessary if the hair starts growing back. The possible side effects of waxing are a bit of soreness and redness of the skin, but these will pass quickly and there is no need for a pain reliever during the procedure. The more often you have a wax hair removal on a part of your body, the finer and less noticeable the hairs will be when they start growing back.

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