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About Skin Revitalization

Uneven skin tone is a common aesthetic problem we all notice as we age especially if we have an active lifestyle out in the sun. After years of unprotected sun exposure you will notice brown spots, freckles, sun spots. You may also notice unwanted vessels around your nose or rosacea on your cheeks. These common concerns can now be removed and you can reveal your glowing complexion with skin revitalization.

Skin revitalization is ideal for reducing the appearance of pigment on your face, chest or hands including age spots, sun damage, freckles or birthmarks. It is also the perfect solution for unwanted vessels on your face including spider veins, broken vessels or rosacea (redness/flushing of the cheeks). In just a few quick treatment sessions you will see a reduction in the appearance of brown spots and vessels leaving you with a more even skin tone and beautiful looking skin.

  • Reverse the signs of SUN DAMAGE
  • Remove unwanted FACIAL VEINS

Skin Revitalization

  • Light-based skin revitalization is a non-surgical treatment that will improve your skin’s appearance quickly and easily.
  • This advanced technology clears undesirable brown spots, sun damage and vessels, revealing clearer, more beautiful skin.

How Does It Work?

  • Pulses of light target unwanted pigment and vessels within your skin.
  • The light delivered causes them to slowly disappear through your body’s natural healing process.
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Why Choose Icon™ For Skin Revitalization?

  • This treatment offers…
    • Excellent results
    • No downtime
    • Low discomfort during the treatment
    • Fast and easy treatment sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Expect to see a decrease in the appearance of brown spots and vessels for a more even skin tone. You will see some improvement immediately followed by continued improvement over time.

The treatment can be performed in under 30 minutes depending on the size of the area.

Typically, there is no downtime and you can return to your daily activities immediately following the treatment.

Typically, only a few treatments are needed however depending on the condition, several treatments may be required to achieve desired results.

Most people experience a mild, sun-burn like sensation, possibly accompanied by some minor swelling, immediately following the treatment. This usually lasts 2 to 24 hours. Speak with your provider to discuss other possible side-effects and the necessary post-treatment care.

Skin Revitalization Before & After Photos with Icon™

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Before & After
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Before & After
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