Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Our Medical Weight Loss Shots Program offers a personalized and easy-to-follow plan for achieving your weight loss goals.

Our Program Details

*Easy -to-Follow Nutritionist-Designed Phased Meal Plans:

For individuals serious about making a real lifestyle change to lose weight and achieve optimal health, we at Anazao MD can help. We are proud to now offer patients our exclusive medical weight loss shots program. This personalized solution is a multi-functional weight loss plan that is designed to achieve weight management with the use of revitalizing vitamin supplements. If you are ready to achieve your weight goal in a healthy and effective way, our medical weight loss program can benefit you.

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What Does the Weight Loss Program Include?

Our professionals understand that there is much more to achieving healthy weight loss than just diet and exercise. That is why, our personalized medical weight loss plan was designed to address the multiple facets of healthy weight loss. These include:

Weekly One-On-One Visits

Throughout your medical weight loss journey, you will participate in weekly personalized visits with one of our professional staff. They will work with you along your journey and monitor vital health functions such as blood pressure to ensure your safety and health.

Weight Management

Your personalized weight management plan can also be discussed during your one-on-one meetings. This can include weight loss strategies such as diet and exercise, with advice on the best plan of action for you. We can work with you to implement healthy eating habits, as well as the best possible exercise regimen for optimal fat-burning results. This is a key component for the overall success of our weight loss plan.

Vitamin Supplement Injections

The vitamin B12MIC injections (Lipo-Shots) included in our treatment plan not only promote weight loss, but they provide energy and essential nutrients for achieving your goal. Revitalizing vitamin supplements with B12MIC injections provide:

  • Mythlycobalamin- (B12) Metabolizes protein, fat & carbs
  • Methionine(Lipo Amino Acid)-Reduces Fat, Lowers Cholesterol
  • Inositol-Metablizes & Transports Fats/Cholesterol
  • Choline-Removes Fats from the Liver


Frequently Asked Questions

A. The answer will vary for each client, depending on how much they need or would like to lose, how well they adhere to their nutrition and exercise plans and other metabolic/health factors.

A. We use only FDA-approved appetite suppressants recommended for treatment in weight loss. These medications will curb your hunger and cravings and keep you energized. The injections are a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids supplement what the body needs to stay energized and nourished.

A. Yes, if you want to see real success-exercise is a crucial component to any weight management program. While most weight loss occurs due to a decrease in caloric intake, physical activity will help further weight loss, preserve muscle tissue and help prevent weight regain.

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It is our goal and passion here at Anazao MD to provide the tools and information necessary for you to reach your health and weight loss goals. If you are interested in learning more about our highly effective medical weight loss plan, contact us today and schedule your consultation!

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