If you have been considering a facelift or brow lift to get rid of your large lines and wrinkles that are seemingly embedded in your skin, you may want to look into the possibilities of cosmetic dermal fillers first. These cosmetic dermal fillers can give you many of the benefits for which you are searching without leaving you with so many of the side effects that are common with surgeries. They can often replace the need for surgery altogether or put off the surgery for many years.

They Work on Static Lines and Wrinkles

Most cosmetic dermal fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, which is a type of material found naturally in your body. Not only does this hyaluronic acid draw moisture to itself wherever it is injected, but the gel-like format of a filler instantly provides added depth to the treatment area as well. Cosmetic dermal fillers work well on lines and wrinkles that appear in the face even when it is at rest.

They Fill in Hollowed-Out Cheeks

Although most fillers are used on lines and wrinkles across the forehead and between the nose, mouth, and chin, some are approved for use on the mid-face region. This is where tissues typically decrease in fullness as you age.

They Give You Fuller Lips

Other fillers can be used to make your lips appear plumper. Whether your lips have decreased in size and fullness as you have aged or they have always been thinner than you would like, cosmetic dermal fillers may be your answer to getting the perfect pout.

They are Minimally-Invasive

When compared to traditional facelifts, cosmetic dermal fillers are far less invasive. They only require injections of the filler beneath the skin. You may only need a topical anesthetic for discomfort, if that.

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