Eyelash Extensions For Thinning Eyelashes

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Some individuals are born with very thin, light colored eyelashes. Other individuals start to notice that their eyelashes begin to thin as they get older. Eyelash extensions are great for individuals in both circumstances. We invite you to learn more about eyelash extensions and how they can benefit you.


It is common for people to get false eyelashes and eyelash extensions confused. They do have similarities, but they are applied differently and offer different benefits. Eyelash extensions are applied here in our office. They are applied one lash by one lash to your natural eyelashes. This means that they look a lot more natural than false eyelashes.


Individuals who have thin eyelashes may feel nervous about using eyelash extensions, thinking that they will cause their natural lashes to fall out. You can have full confidence in our lash stylists. When they apply the synthetic lashes, they are going to avoid applying lash strands to young lashes, which will allow them to fully develop. Over the course of a couple of weeks, the eyelash extensions are going to fall out. However, this is not because the eyelash extensions cause your natural eyelashes to fall out, but it is a natural cycle that your lashes go through.


You will feel completely comfortable during your treatment. You will be in a relaxed position lying down on one of our comfortable spa beds. The setting is serene. Our lash stylist will first prep your eyelashes. They will apply a gel eye pad to protect your bottom lashes. Then the extensions will be applied with a medical grade adhesive.


There are different factors that play a role in how long your eyelash extensions last. Most individuals can expect them to last about three or four weeks. In order to maintain your new look, you may need to visit our office every two or three weeks. If you maintain a routine of visiting us every two weeks or so, you will be able to have refills done.


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