Corporate events or gatherings can be a great way to treat your employees to something unique to show your appreciation for their accomplishments and hard work. While delicious food is always appreciated, your employees or special guests may be just as pleased with concierge IV therapy. Here are some of the key benefits associated with IV therapy provided at the site of a special gathering.

Showing Your Guests You Care

IV therapy is an infusion of vitamins and other important nutrients the human body needs to function optimally. With concierge IV therapy, you can show your employees or guests you care by giving them a convenient opportunity to enjoy a session of IV vitamin therapy if they wish to do so.

Offering Drinking and Hangover Cures

It’s just a fact of life that there will be drinking at many business functions or corporate events. Whether or not you have an open bar at your event, concierge IV therapy can be provided in a specially designated room for times when guests or attendees need a hangover IV. For business events, this type of set-up also helps your employees be alert for work the next day!

Reducing Dehydration Risks at Outdoor Events

Your guests are sure to appreciate an outdoor event in the summer when it’s beautiful, bright, warm, comfy, and sunny outdoors. However, it’s surprisingly easy to become dehydrated while socializing during an outdoor barbecue or enjoying an assortment of picnic goodies. A quick boost of hydration delivered in a more direct way via IV can help your guests feel refreshed, especially if they start to experience headaches, dizziness, sudden fatigue, dizziness, and other symptoms associated with dehydration.

Promoting Your Business

Whether you’re a real estate agent, a marketing professional, or an IT service provider, concierge IV therapy can be a clever and unexpected way to promote your business.

Impressing Your Clients

On a related note, on-site IV therapy is a great way to make a very unique and good first impression. In addition to impressing existing and potential clients, you may also arrange for IV sessions to be available at recruiting events to impress potential new employees.

Creating a Memorable Experience

No matter what type of event you have, IV therapy provided on-site is going to be something people will remember.

Arrangements for concierge IV therapy can also be made for private gatherings where guests are likely to be just as receptive to the safe delivery of beneficial nutrients and fluids. To learn more, simply contact us today at Anazao MD and book an appointment at our office in Steamboat Springs!

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