Medical Weight Loss with Lipotropic Shots

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There is no avoiding that your weight has been getting out of hand. You can try to deny it all you like, but it is difficult to hide from the fact that you cannot slip into your favorite jeans anymore. Like many people today, you are quickly becoming another statistic in the obesity epidemic. It generally starts with fat accumulation around your belly, thighs, and buttocks. Fortunately, modern science has produced something wonderful to help your weight loss efforts. It is called lipotropic shots, and many weight loss clinics are now using these shots to help people get rid of stubborn fat.

What is a Lipotropic Injection?

A lipotropic shot contains some combination of specific nutrients that are employed to get the body to use and burn fat more efficiently. The nutrients found in these shots include such ingredients as choline, inositol, methionine, B-vitamins, L-carnitine, amino acids, and other fat burning vitamins and minerals. Without these nutrients present in your body, it becomes difficult for your body to activate fat burning hormones that aid in the process of eliminating stubborn belly, thigh, and buttocks fat.

Reaching a Hormone Balance

By activating the right hormones for burning stubborn fat, lipotropic shots help the body to achieve a more normal hormone balance. This helps by getting the adrenal glands to stop producing important fat storage hormones like cortisol in such high quantities. Lipotropic shots also help to attenuate adrenal activity and reduce the impact stress has on these glands. As the body moves out of this kind of overstressed panic mode, there becomes less of a need to react by storing so much fat in those trouble areas on your body.

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