Jeanne C. Fitzsimmons, MD

Owner/Medical Director

Anazao MD (an-ə-ʹzā-ō) was created through the generous heart of Dr. Jeanne Fitzsimmons, MD (affectionately known to so many in the Yampa Valley as Dr. Jeanne). Dr. Jeanne has the vision to create a world-class facility in Steamboat Springs that is focused on the members of our community aging in the most healthy and happy manner possible. She believes that just because we get older in age, doesn’t mean we are destined to a life of diminished health, an ever-increasing pile of prescription medications, low energy, weight gain, decreased libido, and life of aches, pains and unhappiness. Dr. Jeanne is building the foundation of a medical facility that is focused on treating the entire body with the goal of having people feel great and be happy throughout life. This philosophy is encapsulated through the definition of Anazao, which from its Greek origin means, “To bring to life again.” She believes that properly treating patients with safe, science-based procedures, will result in significantly improved health and well-being.

Anazao specializes in four primary disciplines, all developed and supervised by a board-certified medical physician: 1) Anazao Aesthetics, 2) Anazao Medical Weight Loss, 3) Anazao Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine; and 4) Anazao IV Lounge. It offers over 100 state-of-the-art procedures that range from Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization, Ozone PRP and other regenerative treatments, full line of aesthetic treatments, to EVOLVE/EVOKE Body Contouring to the highest quality Hair Restoration as well as Permanent Laser Hair Reduction, and so much more. There is something for every male and female. Just ask any member of the enthusiastic team at Anazao, you’ll be glad you did.

Gretchen Herrero, RN

Aesthetic Nurse, Master Injector

Sheryl Mack, MBA

Business Manager