Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is currently being widely used for many different purposes. It is applied during surgery to speed healing; it is injected into various tissues to treat tendonitis and sports injuries; it has been used to re-grow hair; and some people have even used it to rejuvenate aging tissues and skin. But what is this magical substance and how does it work?


Platelets are formed elements found in the blood. They are manufactured in the bone marrow and the body’s supply is regularly replenished. Platelets are not cells, however, they are essentially little bags that contain a rich cocktail of assorted proteins. The primary role of platelets is to induce blood clotting in response to an acute injury. The platelets rupture and release clotting factors that quickly act to stop the bleeding. However, when they rupture they also release a potent cocktail of growth factors and cytokines. The growth factors stimulate the injured tissue to repair itself, and the cytokines attract stem cells and immunogenic cells to the site of the injury. The immunugenic cells act to destroy any pathogens that entered during the injury and the stem cells assist in healing the injury.


During chronic injuries and conditions, like tendonitis and aging-related changes, the platelets are not activated and thus cannot assist in healing the injury. However, doctors can prepare and inject PRP, a fraction of the blood that has been highly enriched for platelets, into chronic injuries and aging-damaged areas. The huge number of applied platelets will become activated and release their potent cocktail of growth factors and cytokines, and thus stimulate healing, repair, and rejuvenation. The ability of PRP to attract stem cells to the site of injection is particularly important in PRP’s ability to rejuvenate aging tissues.

How is PRP Prepared?

PRP is quickly and easily prepared on-site in the clinic while the patient waits. A normal blood sample is drawn from the patient, and then the blood is subjected to a centrifugation procedure to remove the white and red blood cells and to concentrate the platelets. It generally takes only around 15 minutes.

How is PRP Utilized?

At Anazao MD we offer platelet-rich plasma as an effective remedy to restore your health. If you have recently injured yourself and are looking at a way to speed up recovery, PRP could benefit you. We also offer PRP for hair restoration, as hair loss is usually due to damaged follicles. PRP repairs these follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.

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