The Power of PRP Hair Restoration in Colorado Springs

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is one of the most powerful all-natural healing and rejuvenation treatments available today. It was originally applied during surgery to speed the healing of the surgical site and then it was found to be able to trigger healing of chronic injuries such as tendonitis. More recently, doctors realized it could trigger rejuvenation and healing of tissues affected by various conditions, including simple aging. A few years ago, in several scientific studies, PRP was demonstrated to be able to stop hair thinning and stimulate hair restoration in both men and women. Below is more information about this treatment that you can receive in Colorado Springs.

What Is PRP?

The blood is a complex mixture of cells, formed elements, and various biomolecules suspended in a liquid called plasma. Among the formed elements are platelets. These are produced in the bone marrow and are essentially little sacs stuffed full of clotting factors, growth factors, and cytokines. When an acute injury occurs, platelets at the site of the injury rupture and spill their contents. The clotting factors stop any bleeding while the growth factors stimulate the tissues to heal. The cytokines attract both immune cells and stem cells, the immune cells to destroy any invading bacteria and the stem cells to help rejuvenate and heal the tissues at the site of the injury. 

How Is PRP Prepared in Colorado Springs?

PRP is prepared from the patient’s own blood. A normal blood sample is taken from a vein in the arm. In a simple in-office procedure, the blood is centrifuged to remove the formed blood cells and to concentrate the platelets in a small volume of plasma. The PRP is then immediately injected into the site(s) to be treated. 

How Does PRP Hair Restoration Work?

Although there are a number of different conditions that can cause hair thinning, one thing they all have in common is a malfunction of the hair follicles. Normally, hair follicles go through cycles of active growth/shedding of the hair/a resting period. When the follicles start to malfunction, they spend increasing longer periods of time resting instead of growing, and then eventually become completely dormant. Injections of PRP induce the hair follicles to heal and rejuvenate and return to a more normal growth cycle.

What Is the Process Like?

The PRP is prepared and then injected into multiple sites on the scalp. There is no recovery time necessary after each treatment. Usually three treatments given at monthly intervals are necessary. Visible hair re-growth is usually evident shortly after the third treatment and continues to improve over time. A yearly touch-up treatment is recommended to maintain the desired results. 

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