Most of the commonly performed facial skin revitalizing treatments address a single concern. Dermal fillers add volume. BOTOX® smooths away dynamic wrinkles. What if you discovered a multi-step procedure that not only exfoliates and cleanses, but also extracts pores and infuses nutrients directly into the skin layers? That’s exactly what the HydraFacial treatment does.

This treatment provides total skin rejuvenation, and the result is glowing, more youthful skin that shows fewer wrinkles. The skin is hydrated, and enlarged pores are once again normal in size. Best of all, the skin is smoother because the overall texture has been improved.

What Can the HydraFacial Treat?

Common age-related skin problems include dynamic wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, and more prominent freckles, age spots, and injury scars. Once the HydraFacial treatment is completed, a rejuvenation process begins, and within a month or so, these visual signs of aging all but disappear.

Since the treatment involves extraction as well as cleansing, the skin can breathe more easily, so a good moisture balance is achieved. Excess oils, dirt, grime, and dead or damaged cells are removed during the procedure.

How We Perform the HydraFacial

After consulting with you, we design a specific procedure that involves multiple steps. We first exfoliate the skin surface by using a rotary brush tool. We then apply a gentle peel solution that sits on the skin for a few minutes. This peel doesn’t burn, but it immediately loosens the epidermal layer.

After the peel treatment, we extract oils, dirt, and other material from the pores. We use a special suction tool for this step. After the pores are opened up, we infuse a combination of nutrients including peptides and antioxidants directly into the skin. Depending on your concerns, we can customize the treatment to target a specific problem.

Get Started

You don’t always have to get a facelift to get the results you want. You can achieve youthful facial skin without surgery or any other sort of invasive procedure. Make an appointment at Anazao MD and learn how the HydraFacial treatment can turn back the aging clock and restore your skin’s health. Contact us today to book your consultation at our office in Steamboat Springs!

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