If you want to improve your health, rehydrate, and revitalize your body, you can do exactly that with IV therapy steamboat treatments. At Anazao MD Steamboat Springs, CO, we offer these treatments that will infuse your body with the vitamins it needs to radiate with the vibrancy of total health.

Even the least health-conscious person knows that taking your daily vitamins is an important part of a healthy daily routine. However, many people don’t realize that the body eliminates most of those daily vitamins from the system as waste. IV therapy Steamboat is a treatment that helps your body absorb all of the vitamins and minerals that it needs to thrive.

What Is the Purpose of IV Therapy Steamboat ?

The purpose of IV therapy Steamboat is multifold. The primary purpose is to administer vitamins to your system to address specific symptoms, hydrate your body, and increase immunity. This treatment has been growing in popularity for one reason: it works. The purpose of this treatment is not just to improve your health but to help you reach a new level of wellness so that you have increased energy levels, glowing skin, a stronger immune system, and improved mental clarity.

Whether you are suffering from a hangover or a vitamin deficiency, this treatment can help you recover and become the healthiest version of yourself. Specifically, IV therapy Steamboat can:

  • Rejuvenate the body
  • Restore the body
  • Rehydrate the body
  • Support overall health and wellness
  • Fight against sickness and disease
  • Improve skin, hair, and nail health
  • Increase energy levels
  • Revitalize the body


What Does It Treat?

Vitamin infusion treatments can treat dehydration, stress and anxiety, low energy levels, poor sleep, poor immunity, low libido, and sore muscles. It can also treat and improve poor quality skin, jet lag, and even the symptoms of a hangover.

How Does It Work?

IV therapy is a treatment that involves the insertion of a standard IV into the vein to deliver intravenous fluids with vitamins directly to the bloodstream. This method is superior to taking a daily vitamin because your daily vitamin must pass through your gastrointestinal tract.

In doing so, much of that vitamin is broken down and eliminated as waste. When you take a vitamin orally, in the end, you don’t get nearly the amount of the total vitamins and nutrients listed in the ingredients.

Total Absorption

IV infusions bypass the gastrointestinal tract by administering vitamins directly into the bloodstream so that those gastrointestinal acids and juices cannot break down and eliminate the vitamins. As a result, you get the immediate benefits of vitamins, nutrients, and hydrating fluids entering directly into your system. You will get 100% of the vitamins in your specific infusion, and your body will not discard any of them as waste.

What Are the Benefits?

One of the primary benefits of this treatment is that it is delivered directly into the bloodstream for total absorption and quick delivery. However, aside from its efficient and immediate delivery system, these vitamins and fluids can help hydrate the body and alleviate different symptoms. We also can completely customize this treatment to your needs.

It can help you recover from a hangover, avoid a cold virus, recover from illness, improve your skin, and increase your energy levels, among other things. Regardless of your specific health and wellness concerns, we have an infusion that will help promote increased health so that you cannot only feel healthier but look healthier as well.

Our IV Infusions

At Anazao MD, we offer customized vitamin infusions designed to meet the needs of different patients. Some patients want to improve their health; others want to improve their skin. Regardless of which cocktail you choose at the time of your treatment, you will experience all the benefits that come from the revitalizing, rejuvenating, rehydrating fluids that make up each of our infusions.

Recovery Infusions

If you’ve been working out hard to reach your body goals, or you’ve just started a new workout routine, you probably are dealing with some extent of muscle soreness. We offer an infusion that can help you recover from your workouts quicker so that you can get back to your routine and push even harder. Our recovery infusion includes all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to recover and feel more energized, both before, during, and after your workout.

Jet Lag Infusions

International travel can be exciting, glamorous, and adventurous, but jet lag is not. If you’ve recently returned from a vacation or business trip that has left you jet-lagged, we have the perfect solution. Our jet lag infusions contain a blend of vitamins and minerals that will help you recover from jet lag within 24 hours of your treatment. This infusion helps combat dehydration and exhaustion while strengthening the immune system.

Libido-Boosting Infusions

When you’re stressed, tired, busy, or recovering from an illness, your love life can suffer. If your libido needs a boost, we have the perfect libido-boosting infusion that will also help promote optimal health and wellness.

Beauty Infusions

Your skin needs adequate hydration, nutrients, and minerals to maintain a healthy glow, which is why we offer IV infusions specifically designed to improve skin health. This infusion contains an anti-aging and beautifying combination of ingredients to improve skin, hair, and nail health. After your treatment, you can expect your skin to glow for days as it benefits from all of the ingredients in this infusion. This infusion contains:

  • Vitamin C
  • Biotin
  • Glutathione
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • CoQ10


Classic Infusions

Our classic infusion is named after one of the original vitamin infusions, the classic Myer’s Cocktail. This infusion contains calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, and magnesium that can help treat many different symptoms resulting from strenuous workouts, illnesses, dehydration, and a weakened immune system.

Immunity Infusions

Your immunity is everything, and if you have a weak immune system, your body will suffer from every virus or cold that comes your way. If you don’t have time to lay on the couch recovering from illness, you can invest in your future health with an immunity-boosting infusion. This infusion contains zinc, vitamin C, and lysine that can both prevent illness and help you recover faster if you happen to catch a virus or cold.

Hangover Infusions

If you are planning a weekend where you know you’ll have a few more cocktails than normal, you can schedule treatment and receive the hangover helper to help your body recover from too much alcohol. The specific infusion contains fluids that will rehydrate your body and can be customized to your needs with anti-inflammatory or anti-nausea medication.

If you need a quick solution to help you feel like yourself again, eliminate that headache or nausea, this infusion will help you get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Scheduling With Friends

You don’t have to schedule this treatment alone unless you want to. We offer different infusion packages that you can schedule in conjunction with a bachelorette party, bachelor party, or a Beauty and Botox party.

If you want to take your next event to the next level and help everyone in your group experience all the benefits of an IV therapy treatment, we can help. We will assist you in planning your event and so that you can introduce your friends and family to all the benefits that come along with this treatment.

Who Is a Candidate?

The best candidates for this treatment are men and women looking to improve their health. Very few patients are disqualified from IV therapy treatments. Even though most patients make good candidates for this treatment, it’s important that we sit down with you before beginning the treatment process to discuss your goals, health concerns, and medical history.

Once we confirm that this IV infusion treatment is right for you, we can customize your treatment plan. Some patients come in wanting an IV that will help them recover from a hangover but then later return to experience a treatment that addresses their immunity. It all depends on your current and future health goals and needs. We will design the right treatment plan for you and treat you according to your specific needs at the time of your treatment.

Experience a New Kind of Vitamin Delivery System

There’s a new way to get in your vitamins, and it doesn’t involve you swallowing a handful of pills. If you want quick delivery and immediate absorption of all the hydrating fluids, nutrients, and vitamins, and minerals your body needs to recover, heal, and get stronger and healthier, we can help. Contact us today at Anazao MD, in Steamboat Springs, CO, to schedule your first treatment.

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