If you’re been cutting calories and spending time in the gym without seeing positive changes in your body, don’t worry. It’s common to have stubborn fat deposits that are difficult or impossible to reduce with lifestyle changes. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on achieving the body of your dreams. At Anazao MD in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we can treat your unwanted fat with WarmSculpting by CynoSure.

What Is WarmSculpting? 12 Things to Know About CynoSure

1. It Reduces Your Unwanted Fat

WarmSculpting by CynoSure is a non-invasive body contouring technique. This FDA-approved treatment uses laser energy to eliminate fat cells in your stomach, thighs, and other locations on your body.

Damaging Your Fat Cells

During your appointment, we will put applicators on your treatment area. These applicators will emit laser energy that will move through the surface of your skin and increase the temperature of your unwanted fat cells. This energy has a specialized wavelength that is designed to damage your fat cells without harming the other tissues in your treatment area.

Removing Your Fat Cells

After the laser energy damages your fat cells, your body will use natural methods to remove these cells from your treatment area. This is a gradual process that takes several months to complete. As your body accomplishes this task, your treatment area will become slimmer and more contoured.

2. It’s Completely Non-Invasive

The energy emitted by our applicators can move through the top layers of your skin and penetrate the fat cells in your deeper tissues. As a result, you will not receive any incisions or injections during your treatment. Further, our applicators have safety features that will protect the surface of your skin and prevent you from experiencing discomfort during your treatment.

3. It Works on Stubborn Fat

Since eliminating unwanted fat is very difficult, your inability to improve your body with diet and exercise changes doesn’t mean that you are lazy or incompetent. Instead, there are many reasons why you might be unable to contour your body by yourself.


As you get older, your metabolism will slow down. This change will cause you to have increased difficulty maintaining a slim physique. In addition, you will become more prone to developing injuries that prevent you from engaging in rigorous exercise. Further, your duties at work and at home will become more demanding as you age. These responsibilities can prevent you from following a regular exercise routine.


Your genes influence how fat is distributed throughout your body. For instance, if your relatives carry excess fat in their stomachs, you will probably have unwanted fat in this location, too. It’s very difficult to improve selective areas of your body with diet and exercise. Instead of seeing changes in your desired location, you are likely to lose fat all over your body.

A Better Way

WarmSculpting by CynoSure is an excellent way to target fat deposits that haven’t responded to lifestyle changes. Unlike diet and exercise, this body contouring method can reduce fat in specific locations on your body. For instance, if you’ve always wanted slimmer thighs, you can achieve this goal with WarmSculpting.

4. It’s a Versatile Treatment

This contouring treatment can be used to eliminate unwanted fat in a wide variety of locations. For instance, we can use this technique to remove fat on your flanks, back, thighs, and abdomen. This treatment can also be used to reduce fat under your chin. During your first meeting with us, we will tell you whether we can use our WarmSculpting applicators to treat the fat in your desired location.

5. It Really Works

This treatment is a very effective way to contour and slim your body. In fact, scientific studies have shown that a single treatment can eliminate up to 24% of the fat cells in your target area. Since this technique is very efficient, it’s no surprise that over 90% of people said that they were satisfied with their results.

6. It’s Quick and Comfortable

This is a straightforward treatment that usually takes only twenty-five minutes to complete. We will begin your treatment by analyzing the unwanted fat in your target area. Based on this analysis, we will select plastic frames that will allow us to keep our WarmSculpting applicators in place during your treatment. After we have selected these frames, we will put them over the skin in your target area. Next, we will insert our specialized applicators into the frames.

Treating Your Skin

Once the applicators are in place, we will start to transmit laser energy into your target area. You will feel a gentle cooling sensation at the beginning of your treatment. This feeling will be followed by a warming sensation. As your treatment continues, you will feel alternating cold and tingling sensations. These gentle feelings will let you know that the applicators are working, and you can close your eyes and relax while they target your fat cells.

7. You Won’t Have Any Downtime

WarmSculpting by Sculpsure CynoSure is a lunchtime treatment. Since this treatment has no downtime, you can schedule your appointment during a break in your workday. Once your treatment is complete, you can drive yourself back to your office and resume your usual activities. In addition to immediately returning to your work, you don’t have to take a break from your exercise routine, hobbies, or other tasks.

Achieving a Slimmer Physique

During the next few weeks, your body will flush your dead fat cells out of your target area. This is a natural process, and you can follow your normal schedule while your body accomplishes this task.

Since you may respond differently to the laser energy than other people, your individual results will vary. That said, you won’t need to wait for years to see improvements in your physique. Instead, it’s normal to see positive changes in your appearance after about six weeks. You are likely to see the full effect of your WarmSculpting session after about twelve weeks.

8. It’s Permanent

Many cosmetic treatments provide temporary results. For example, the results of many wrinkle reduction methods will wear off after a couple of months. At this point, you’ll have to receive touch-up treatments to maintain your smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Receiving maintenance treatments every couple of months can be very expensive. Further, these treatments might be difficult to fit into your schedule.

Fortunately, you don’t have to attend maintenance appointments after you complete your WarmSculpting treatments. This contouring method improves your body by destroying some of the fat cells in your target area. Since your body will not regrow these particular fat cells, you will not need to receive follow-up treatments.

That said, you need to understand that WarmSculpting does not eliminate all of the fat cells from your body. If you stop following a healthy lifestyle, your remaining fat cells will become larger, and your appearance will change. To maintain your new look, you should exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet after your treatment is complete.

9. Your Treatment Will Be Customized

We will customize your WarmSculpting treatment to fit the unique conditions of your body. During your first meeting with us, we will analyze your desired treatment area. At this point, we will develop an individualized treatment plan for you.

It’s common to achieve your desired look after you receive a single treatment session. That said, if you are treating multiple areas on your body or have a large amount of unwanted fat, you may need to receive multiple WarmSculpting treatments to reach your aesthetic goal. For instance, you might need several appointments to remove a large volume of unwanted fat from your abdomen and thighs.

10. It’s Not a Weight Loss Treatment

Although this treatment can dramatically improve your appearance, this body contouring technique will not help you lose weight. Instead, this treatment is intended to permanently remove fat in specified locations on your body.

Weight Loss

You have a unique number of fat cells in your body. When you eat better and exercise more frequently, your fat cells will shrink. This change will cause you to look slimmer and more toned. However, you cannot reduce your overall number of fat cells with lifestyle changes. If you abandon your healthy lifestyle, your fat cells will become larger. When your fat cells swell, your physique will become less sculpted.

Fat Loss

WarmSculpting does not shrink your fat cells. Instead, this technique will remove a large number of fat cells from your target area. As a result, this treatment will permanently change your overall number of fat cells.

11. Your Results Will Look Natural

Some fat reduction techniques create quick, dramatic changes in your appearance. For instance, during a liposuction procedure, a medical professional will use a specialized device to suction unwanted fat out of your body. This invasive procedure produces very fast results, and your body will look very different after you receive liposuction. These quick changes may look unnatural or artificial.

WarmSculpting does not create sudden changes in your body. As your body’s lymphatic system removes your damaged fat cells, your appearance will gradually improve. Since your improvements occur over a period of several months, the changes in your body will look very natural. Your friends and family members will not realize that you used a cosmetic treatment to reduce your unwanted fat unless you choose to tell them.

12. It’s Suitable for Many People

If you have pockets of unwanted fat on your thighs, stomach, and other locations on your body, you are probably a good candidate for WarmSculpting. In fact, you are likely to have optimal results if you are a healthy adult who hasn’t been able to reduce these pockets of fat on your own. Further, since this treatment is completely non-invasive, you might be eligible for WarmSculpting if you cannot receive an invasive procedure like liposuction.

Although WarmSculpting is quick and easy, it’s not suitable for everyone. If your body mass index, or BMI, is over thirty, you cannot use this treatment on your thighs, back, flanks, or stomach. If your BMI is over 49, you cannot use this treatment on the fat under your chin.

Further, certain medications can affect your body’s response to this treatment. For instance, we may ask you not to take aspirin, ibuprofen, and other blood-thinning medications and supplements for a couple of days before your appointment.

Contour Your Body

WarmSculpting by CynoSure sculpsure is a fantastic way to achieve the slim, contoured body that you’ve always wanted. This body contouring treatment will reduce your stubborn fat in a completely non-invasive manner. Further, this treatment creates gradual, natural-looking improvements in your physique. To learn more about this amazing fat reduction method, contact us at Anazao MD in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for an initial consultation today.

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