At Anazao MD in Steamboat Springs, CO, We understand that collagen is as good as gold for anti-aging. It’s one of the few things that make a difference in targeting and addressing the signs of aging in the skin, which is why we are proud to offer microneedling. This non-surgical and non-invasive treatment rejuvenates the skin by addressing fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and skin texture.

What Are the Benefits of Microneedling?

Microneedling is a versatile skin rejuvenating treatment that helps patients with different skin types and skin tones perfect their skin and improve problematic skin conditions in just a few treatments. It is such a popular treatment because it can positively impact the skin in different ways without using invasive measures or resulting in a recovery period or downtime.

It Reduces the Signs of Aging

Some people wait until the signs of aging become visible to schedule a skin rejuvenating treatment. Others choose to get ahead of the aging process and schedule such treatments to help prevent lines and wrinkles. Wherever you land, this treatment can help improve and prevent the signs of aging in the skin. Most people begin to notice the signs in their 30s.

If fine lines and wrinkles have started to form on your face, this treatment can help increase collagen production to smooth these lines by increasing volume below the skin surface.

It’s an Essential Form of Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. It works by creating micro-injuries in the skin. As the needles in the device penetrate below the epidermis into the dermis, which is a deeper layer of the skin, the body responds as if it’s been injured.

It then activates its healing and regenerative properties by increasing collagen and elastin production to heal the perceived wounds and improve the skin on multiple levels. Once that collagen production takes effect, results become visible, the signs of aging will fade, and you’ll look and feel more youthful.

The Importance of Collagen Production

Collagen is the gold standard when it comes to youth-activating bodily proteins. Elastin and fibrin come in close behind collagen as a close second for their ability to help keep the skin youthful. Still, collagen makes the most noticeable and dramatic difference in the skin. When it comes to how your skin looks, collagen works by supporting your skin structure.

Aging, Collagen, and the Skin

With the aging process, collagen production decreases, resulting in decreased skin volume and hollow areas. You can apply collagen topicals to your skin, and you can take collagen supplements daily. Still, the best way to naturally and effectively improve your skin is to stimulate collagen production in the body.

The most effective way to do this is by undergoing a microneedling treatment. Its main goal is to pierce the skin, create tiny injuries, and in doing so, force the body to heal those injuries with increased collagen.

It Helps Treat Acne Scars and Stretch Marks

If your skin has experienced scarring as a result of acne or other skin conditions, we can help reduce the appearance of those scars with a microneedling treatment. Each scar has a different composition of scar tissue. Scars form as a result of an overproduction of collagen in the area due to the body’s attempt to heal the injury quickly and efficiently.

Treating Scars

Scars are difficult to treat with products alone, but microneedling can minimize the appearance of your scars. Acne scars form when an injury in the skin occurs in the body over-produces collagen in the area.

This treatment can help increase collagen production around and in the scar, which helps plump the skin and raise it to the same level as the rest of the skin. Collagen production in the area improves the scar’s appearance and, in doing so, helps even out the skin texture and tone.

Treating Stretch Marks

Stretch marks form when the skin stretches due to growth, weight gain, or pregnancy quickly. If the stretched skin lacks the necessary levels of elastin and collagen to accommodate that stretching, the body produces extra collagen, which results in a noticeable stretch mark. If you have ever experienced a stretch mark, you know how difficult they are to treat. Products, scrubs, and exercises rarely make a difference in improving the appearance of your stretch marks.

However, this treatment can improve your stretch marks in a way that topical products and exfoliating scrubs simply cannot. During treatment, the needles will pierce the skin with stretch marks and, in doing so, help even out the skin tone so that it blends well with the surrounding tissue.

It Improves the Skin Tone

Different factors affect and lead to poor skin tone, including inflammation, sun damage, irritation, and age-related blemishes. This treatment can help encourage cellular turnover, which helps even out the skin tone and texture.

The Importance of Cellular Turnover

Every 30 to 40 days, your skin goes through a shedding and regrowth cycle. This shedding and regrowth cycle is important because it helps the skin rid itself of dead cells to reveal the smooth, brighter, and more youthful layer beneath. Cellular turnover is important because it helps maintain adequate hydration in the skin and prevents clogged pores, which can lead to acne.

This treatment is effective because it helps encourage cellular turnover, which keeps your skin looking useful, bright, and healthy. Any treatment that helps promote cellular turnover will help keep your skin looking and feeling younger; this is one of those treatments. Cellular turnover is critical to skin health, and this treatment will help you maintain the brightest and youngest-looking skin possible, from one month to the next.

It Delivers Results

Once you undergo this treatment, you can expect to notice an immediate change in the appearance of your skin. Even though this treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, it delivers results that continue to improve over time. Most patients notice an initial improvement in their skin within 24 hours of treatment. Their skin continues to improve in the months following treatment as collagen production increases in the treatment areas.

We typically recommend that patients follow a treatment plan inclusive of three to six sessions, each spaced a month apart. You will notice initial improvements in your skin after each treatment, but those results will continue to improve as time passes and the body produces more collagen and in your treatment area.

It Helps Prevent Aging

Anyone can put the words “anti-aging” on a product or treatment, but not every product or treatment is anti-aging. When you schedule this treatment, you will be undergoing a true anti-aging experience. Not only can it treat the signs of aging, but it also is a preventative treatment. It helps protect your skin against the signs of aging by increasing collagen production, a protein that naturally decreases its production in the body with the aging process.

It’s Natural

Suppose you aren’t ready to undergo an invasive treatment just to get results. In that case, microneedling is the perfect option because it doesn’t use any chemicals during treatment, nor does it inject any substances beneath your skin. It relies on the body’s natural powers to heal the skin from the inside out and give you beautiful skin the natural way.

You will get results, and they will be dramatic yet completely natural. Once you notice the visible improvements in the appearance of your skin, you will have a better appreciation for your body and all of its potential when it comes to anti-aging.

It Can Be Combined With Other Treatments To Increase Effectiveness

Another benefit of this treatment is that we can combine it with other facial rejuvenating treatments to enhance results, like facials. Collagen induction therapy is often performed in conjunction with PRP therapy. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. During treatment, it is derived from your blood through a standard blood draw. It is then applied during the microneedling process to encourage ultimate healing and activate growth factors in the body.

It Increases Product Absorption

During the treatment process, the needles on the device create tiny holes on the skin’s surface. These holes are called micro-channels. Though they are virtually invisible to the naked eye, they essentially open up the skin to effectively absorb any topical product applied post-treatment.

Once you undergo this treatment, anything you put on your skin will absorb quickly and more efficiently during those first 24 hours post-treatment. All of your nutrient-rich skincare products like vitamin C and other anti-aging serums will better affect and impact your skin’s health and condition post-treatment.

What Happens During Treatment?

During a typical treatment, your esthetician will begin by cleansing your skin to prepare it for treatment. Then, she will use the treatment device to create tiny micro-injuries across your skin’s surface. Most treatment devices look like a large pen fitted with tiny, hair-thin needles that can be adjusted as needed to reach different depths in the skin. Different needle lengths allow the entire treatment to be customized to treat your skin and its needs.

Shorter needles are typically used in more sensitive areas, like around the lips and below the eyes. Longer needles are typically used on the forehead and the cheeks since those areas have thicker skin that can require a longer needle to stimulate collagen production effectively. Once the treatment is complete, your esthetician may apply a soothing serum to your skin to help promote the anti-aging benefits.

Who Is a Candidate?

The best candidates for this treatment are men and women who want to address aging, improve the appearance of their skin, and promote skin health. An initial consultation at our office is the best way to confirm that you are a candidate for this treatment. We’ll discuss your goals and examine your problem areas and then create a customized treatment plan for your needs. It is an ideal treatment for those who want a simple yet effective, non-surgical way to:

  • Increase collagen production to treat volume loss naturally
  • Reduce the appearance of scars
  • Improve the skin on multiple areas of the face and body
  • Treat hyperpigmentation (age spots, dark spots, melasma)
  • Reduce the most visible signs of aging like lines and wrinkles

Learn More About the Powers of Collagen Induction Therapy

If you want to unlock your body’s healing and regenerative abilities, we can help you do just that with this effective anti-aging treatment. You will get beautiful skin with just a few treatments, and your results will last for months on end. Contact us today at Anazao MD in Steamboat Springs, CO, to learn more about microneedling and how you can add it to your anti-aging routine to get natural yet dramatic-looking anti-aging results.

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