Whether you have had a serious injury that has affected ligaments, tendons, and joints or you are the victim of chronic joint pain, it can cause pain to the point that it debilitates you. No one knows how difficult it is to deal with pain on a daily basis until they experience it themselves. Healing can involve a long time of dealing with discomfort and loss of mobility on a daily basis. In some cases, your injury may never completely heal or you may have a health condition that results in chronic joint pain. You want to find relief from your pain. You want injuries to heal as quickly as possible with promising results. Prolotherapy could be the answer for you.

Understanding Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical alternative that can help you to promote healing of tendons, ligaments, and joints that have been damaged in your body. Regardless of whether you are dealing with damage caused by a chronic condition or an injury, you may benefit from prolotherapy, otherwise referred to as proliferative therapy. It revolves around the use of an injection. The injection targets the site of injury or damage. Once it is injected, it stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal. In the end, prolotherapy injections enhance the body’s repair processes to provide stabilization for joints that have been weakened by damaged connective tissues.

How Many Treatments are Needed for Optimal Results?

Your treatment regimen will depend on you. In most cases, patients come in for regular injections for a set timeframe. Treatments may be directed at various areas. Results vary, but it typically takes multiple treatments before you will really notice the positive impact of this therapy.

Talk to Our Team About Prolotherapy

If joint pain is troubling you, you owe it to yourself to look at a solution that could give you positive results without medication or surgery. Make an appointment at Anazao MD to talk about the advantages of prolotherapy. Find out if this form of regenerative treatment will be effective for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Steamboat Springs.

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