Losing weight and reaching your body goals won’t just make you look and feel better; it will make you healthier. If you’ve been trying to lose weight but just can’t reach your goals on your own, we can help. At Anazao MD in Steamboat Springs, CO, we offer medical weight loss treatment plans that can help you finally lose that extra weight and keep it off for good.

What Is Involved in Medical Weight Loss?

When you take the step to seek out the help of experts who can assist you on your weight loss journey, you will get to experience all of the benefits that accompany a medical weight loss treatment plan. This treatment plan takes a multi-step approach to weight loss that involves different techniques and treatments so that you can attain your goals.

Losing weight can be difficult to do on your own, but once you get the assistance of an expert who knows exactly what to do and how to help you lose the most amount of weight most as safely and quickly as possible, you will finally achieve real results.

The First Step: Your Consultation

Your initial consultation here at our office is one of the most important parts of this process because it signifies the initiation of your weight loss journey. When you take the first step to not only schedule an initial consultation but attend that appointment and meet with one of our experts to discuss your weight loss goals, you’ve already begun the process.

This consultation is important because it allows us to learn more about you, your preferences, your health history, your weight loss goals, and any roadblocks that have kept you from losing weight in the past. Once we confirm that a medical weight loss treatment plan is right for you, we will take the steps to custom tailor your treatment so that you can lose the weight you want and need to look and feel your best.

Attending Weekly Meetings

Each week, we will schedule one-on-one meetings to assess your progress and monitor your blood pressure and vitals to ensure that you are responding well to your weight loss protocol. These meetings also act as a built-in form of accountability that can help you stay consistent during the process. They also provide you with the space to ask any questions regarding your weight loss, your treatment plan, and your progress.

Following a Weight Management Plan

There are different techniques and treatments that we can add to your medical weight loss plan to help you achieve results quickly, but at the end of the day, most of the work will happen at home. We can help design a weight management plan that incorporates the necessary changes you need to make regarding both your diet and fitness routine so that you have the tools and information to do what it takes to achieve your goals.

Changing Your Diet

Diet is one of the most important factors in the weight-loss equation, so if you’re not eating the right foods, or even if you’re eating too much of the right foods, it will stall your progress. We can give you tips and techniques that can help you transform your diet and experience real results.

Getting Enough Exercise

Another important part of reaching your weight loss goals is establishing a fitness routine. Incorporating fitness into your weekly routine is a necessary component to losing weight and reaching your goals quickly and developing a healthier body composition, building lean muscle mass, and warding off weight-related diseases.

Eating the Right Foods

There are different blogs, social media accounts, and even friends who will tell you what you need to eat to lose weight, but at the end of the day, the best advice will always come from a nutritionist who is skilled in creating meal plans. We offer meal plans designed by nutritionists like Optavia.


Optavia is a line of meal replacement options that includes bars, shakes, smoothie mixes, and even healthy macaroni and cheese. Once you experience how good healthy foods make you feel, you won’t want to go back to eating those unhealthy options.

These meal replacement options can help you lose weight because they will provide you with alternative options to eat during those times that you crave unhealthy food. Instead of reaching for a candy bar filled with empty calories, for example, you can reach for a healthy chocolate protein bar or a protein shake full of the nutrients you need.

Utilizing Weight Loss Supplements

A medical weight loss plan will require that you put in the work at home but will also give you all the tools to lose the necessary amount of weight. With our weight loss plans, we offer different supplements that we can incorporate to help promote weight loss, increase your metabolism, increase your energy levels and provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to maintain optimal health as you lose weight.

Restricting calories can deplete your energy levels, but these supplements do just the opposite and will work to increase your energy levels. You’ll be able to make it through your workouts, follow your meal plan, and still have the energy to spare. Our experts can choose the right supplements for you based on your goals, your health, and your needs.

Our Weight Loss Supplements

Our weight loss supplements are FDA-approved and can help you with your goals by suppressing your appetite, keeping cravings at bay, and increasing your energy levels. We will administer these injectables as needed during your weight loss journey. They will also promote optimal health by delivering different amino acids, vitamins, and minerals directly to your bloodstream. These supplements include different ingredients, including:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamins B & D
  • B12
  • Choline
  • Inositol
  • Lipo Amino Acid
  • Pyridixone


Weight Loss Injections

Our weight loss B12 and B12 MIC injections qualify as lipotropic injections and use amino acids to promote liver health and increased metabolism. They can help target stubborn fat throughout the body while simultaneously increasing energy levels. Patients who are looking for a way to burn fat can utilize these injections and will get the added benefit of increased energy from the treatment process.

Am I a Candidate?

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight on your own, you may benefit from a medical weight loss program. Seeking the expertise of a skilled professional may be the catalyst that helps you finally lose your desired amount of weight. Healthy patients with realistic expectations who are willing to commit to the treatment process make good candidates for our weight loss programs.

An initial consultation is the first step in this treatment process since it lets us learn more about you, your goals, your health history and helps us confirm that this program is right for you.

Learn More

You don’t have to wait until a certain date to begin your weight loss journey. If you’ve been procrastinating, our experts can help you get started on a weight loss journey that will change your life. Contact us today at Anazao MD in Steamboat Springs, CO, to schedule your initial consultation.

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